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Passionate about people, passionate about healthcare

We are a committed network of healthcare professionals and scientists. Our business combines a broad range of skills from outside of healthcare with deep clinical expertise to bring a fresh perspective and fresh set of solutions to chronic disease coaching. We believe that great people make great companies – that’s why we surround ourselves with smart, diverse, engaged clients and employees.

Healthcare Innovation

Guidepost was a finalist in the FNB Business Innovation Awards, recognising Guidepost as one of South Africa’s most innovative companies.  

Graham Rowe

Graham Rowe


Bsc(Hons), MSC

Account management, finances, recruitment and human resources.

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson


BSc (Hons), MBA

Tech and process design, testing and delivery, contracting and compliance.

Prof. David Segal

Prof. David Segal



Clinical training and process innovation, case review, doctor engagement.


We are privileged to work with a network of Coaches globally who are passionate about diabetes coaching and education. Contact us if you’re experienced in diabetes education and passionate about helping people take back control of their diabetes.